What’s your story?


Spoiler Alert: It’s NOT your product or service. Nope.

We hate to crush your soul right out of the gate, but whatever “it” is that you do, there will be someone who can do “it” faster or cheaper or maybe even better.

But your story – now that is unique. That is your WHY. Tap into that and you will attract your people, whoever they may be (clients, influencers, employees, the one that got away). The key is to use your story to create a distinct voice that attracts more of the clients you want (i.e. high-paying unicorns you love to work with - yeah, they exist). Not sure how or where you’ll find these mystical creatures? That’s where we come in.

Root Marketing helps uncover your story and develop your voice. The magic happens when we use your  voice to educate, entertain and engage. This is what leads to increased revenue, expanded clientele, and more time to do your thing.


Our Story

Why hello there! I’m Heather, Founder and Principal of Root Marketing (also wife, mother, coffee fiend, and lover of semi-dry wine among others).  

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Your mother was right – you are special.  That’s why we customize our services to meet your goals.

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